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Message from the Port of Cork

The Club has been asked to bring a few matters to our members’ attention. These issues affect all harbour users, not just our members.

The Port of Cork Company has recently completed a detailed survey of all moorings within Cork Harbour. A number of unauthorised and illegibly marked moorings have been identified in the course of the survey. It is the responsibility of the mooring holder to ensure that their mooring is in the correct position and is clearly marked at all times with the correct mooring number.  It is the intention of the Port of Cork to remove all unauthorised or illegibly marked moorings over the coming months commencing on the 1st day of  November 2010.
Also, all boats are requested to obey the speed limits in various parts of the harbour, particularly on their way to the new pontoon in the city. Boats travelling at excessive speed make life very difficult for other harbour users, particularly the members of the rowing clubs on the river.

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