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MA Sullivan Cup

This Trophy was presented by Michael R. Sullivan on behalf of the Family in 1962. It is inscribed “Presented to the R M Y C in 1962 by the Sullivan Family. South Coast Dragon Helmsmans Championship., in Memory of Michael A. Sullivan, Vice Commodore RMYC 1930-38, Commodore1938-1959”. The Cup is decorated with the R.Y.M.C. & R.C.Y.C. BURGEES on the front aspect, and on the rear aspect the Flag of the USA and the Irish flag – (Green Flag with Harp), with flag staffs crossed all in enamel on Silver.It sits on a square Mahogony Plinth, which is engraved with the details of the donation on a silver plate on the front and the early winners back. The Cup was competed for by Dragons between 1962 & 1967. It was the awarded again in 1995,for Nation 18 racing. It is not known what became of it between those dates. It has continued to be awarded, it is presumed for National 18 racing. A further circular plinth was made which has metal plates inscribed with the names of the winners.

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C.J. Fitzgerald
G.F. Crosbie
J.P. Love
C.J. Fitzgerald
G.F. Crosbie
G.F. Crosbie
J. Godkin
Tom Crosbie
David O'Connell
Kevin Horgan
The McCarthy Family
David Barry
Tommy McCarthy
Tim Sullivan
Edward Rice
Ewan Barry
Joanna O'Brien
Peter O'Donovan
David O'Brien
Keith McKeown
Kieran O'Connell & Peter O'Donovan
Edward Rice
Peter Long
Colin Chapman

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