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Lisheen Mines Team Racing and Cobbler League Report(s)

2019 Lisheen Mines

This year we had an abundance of sailors taking part in the annual Lisheen Mines Team Racing event on the Saturday 26th October 2019. We basically highjacked our winter coaching day and used the afternoon for the racing, which worked out really well, ensuring we had plenty of sailors to take part. The morning was used in part for team racing training, which focused on close quarter sailing, tactics and so forth. We had a number of sailors who came out in the afternoon to join in also, which allowed use to create 3 teams.

Cian Jones as the Race Officer went through the proceedings and got in multiple races on the Curlane Bank making it fair and proper for all contestants.

The overall winners where Team 2, Captained by Liam Duggan, well done!

The teams where:

 Team 1:

Captain: Harry Moynan

Craig O’Neill Jnr

Rian Collins

Caoimhe Corkery

Olin Bateman



Captain: Liam Duggan

Oisin Pierse

Ellen Bruen

Lucy Moynan

Ethel Bateman


Team 3:

Captain: JP Curtin

Andrew O’Neill

Isha Duggan

Shane Collins

 Well done to all who took part!

 Cobbler League 2019

We had a great mix of weather and wind conditions for this years Cobbler, Sun, a little rain, Strong breeze, no breeze…  Our Race Officer for the series, Andrew Crosbie, managed to squeeze in 9 races out of a possible 12, allowing for 2 discards. The last day of racing was abandoned due to a lack of wind unfortunately, a gloriously sunny day, just no good for sailing!. The Main Fleet had 18 sailors competing for the honours, with a further 7 sailors in the Regatta fleet battling it out for their top 3 places. 

 The results really did mirror the progression of all the sailors throughout the years racing, with great personal bests for numerous sailors. They have all made great strides forward which was really enjoyable to watch and be a part of, well done to all!  

As usual, huge thanks go to all the parents who helped out with their time and support throughout the Cobbler League, we simply wouldn’t have been able to complete it without you, thanks again!

The Hot chocolates along with home-made cakes and biscuits went down a real treat too, thank you so much for adding that little bit of extra goodness, it was much appreciated by all…

Here are the final results which were celebrated in the upstairs Members Bar at the end of the final days outing:


1st.        Ethel Bateman

2nd.      Olin Bateman

3rd.       Fionn Hayes

 Junior Silver:

1st.        Andrew O’Neill

2nd.      Isha Duggan

3rd.       Lucy Moynan

Junior Gold:

1st.        Riona McMorrow Moriarty

2nd.      Oisin Pierse

3rd.       Rian Collins

Senior Gold:

1st.        JP Curtin

2nd.      Harry Moynan

3rd.       Liam Duggan

 Once again very well done to all, it was a fitting end to the 2019 RCYC Optimist racing season!

 Craig O’Neill

RCYC Optimist Class Captain

Prize giving photo’s (Jennifer O’Neill)

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