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“Light As The Breeze”

National 18’s Wednesday Night 20/6/12
Well we’re not used to the calm stuff but I suppose it had to come sometime! 13 boats took the water and credit to Keith he snuck in two races in a lighter than light SE.
Race 1 saw Clea with Hass and crew hold off Badger and Tommy Mc with Robert O’Leary and Red Penguin a menacing third.
Race 2 saw the Barry brothers battling it out and G B U with Ewen and crew taking the honours, Colin 2nd and Clea a consistent 3rd.
All told a good fleet of 13 but still 7 or 8 more in the dinghy park yet to throw a shape. Thanks Keith and rescue for providing the hall and Anthony for next weeks MIXED GRILL!.Congratulations to Nicks team who finally reached 1000 pts (no thanks to Nick who was absent) we’ll keep flag flying Ewen.
Your hard working committee.

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