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Junior Sailing Courses 2023

Junior Sailing Courses Announcement
Our Junior Sailing courses 2023 booking and payment form is live on your Smart Cloud membership portal.

Course dates are as follows:
Our Taste of Sailing Courses are structured and developed for young children of 7 – 9yr olds.
The emphasis is on fun on and off the water. Children do not have to bring their own boats as the Club provides same. This course has proven to be invaluable in introducing young children to sailing.

Taste of Sailing 3rd – 14th July AM (09.00 – 12.30hrs) €300

Taste of Sailing 3rd – 14th July PM (13.30 – 17.00hrs) €300

Start Sailing (level 1) 3rd – 14th July (09.00 – 16.30hrs) €375

Basic Skills (Level 2) 3rd – 14th July (09.00 – 16.30hrs) €375

Improving Skills (level 3) 3rd – 14th July (09.00 – 16.30hrs) €375

Advanced Boat Handling (level 4) 26th – 30th June €325

Kites & Wires (level 4) 26th – 30th June €325

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