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Junior Sailing Class Information

The Club has a very active Junior sailing section. The classes which the Club recommends supports for Junior sailors are the Optimist, the Feva, the Laser and the 420. This means that there are 2 single handed and 2 two handed boats which should cover children from the age of 7 or 8 up to 19.


The guidelines for each class are exactly that-guidelines-as children may find it better to move to a different class before they age out or become too heavy or tall for a particular boat.


Class            Age        Weight

Optimist        9-15        Up to 45kg approx

Feva             12-16       Up to 115kg combined

Laser            14-Adult   55kg+ (varies with size of sail)

420               15-19       110-120kg combined


Most children start in the Optimist and there are beginner training sessions in the early part of the sailing season and a beginners course during the sailing courses. If a child is coming to sailing a little older it may be more appropriate to go directly into a Feva. It is planned to make Fevas available at the beginner sessions in the future.

Each boat has it’s strengths and weaknesses and many children sail in 2 classes and experience single and double handed boats at the same time.

If a parent has any questions about which class may be most suitable for their child they should check with the Class Captains or the Rear Admiral Dinghies.


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