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Jamie’s new Ker 40 Signal 8


Jamie Mcwilliam's Signal 8 Pictured on trials. Image J. McWilliam

Our well known ex pat sailor of Royal Cork Yacht Club  and Vice Commodore of the RORC,  Hong Kong based Jamie McWilliam of the well known McWilliam sail making family, has acquired a new build Ker 40 from the McConaghy Yard.  Naturally she will carry a full suit of U. K. Halsey sails now that Uncle Des (McWilliam) is the recently appointed World President of the Company.

Conversing on line with Jamie and enquiring as to his plans for this super boat he indicated he would very much like to be with us for Cork Week 2012 but cautioned, and I quote “bear in mind our appearance at Cork Week is by no means certain!  It is no trivial matter shipping from Hong and we’re in the process of figuring it all out now”.

On querying the origins of the boat’s name, Signal 8 the very interesting reply came as follows  “The name is based on the Typhoon warning signals in Hong Kong, which go 1-3-8-10.  1 is “It’s out there”  3 is “It’s coming”  8 is “Hurray! Work is cancelled!” and 10 is “Uh-Oh!!”

Should the recently mentioned possible appearance of the Mike Bartholmew South African but UK based Mills King 40 Tokoloshe materialize and together with Anthony O’Leary’s Antix and given that duo’s previous history, could we have the mother and father of a competition during Cork Week.  What a thought!!




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