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The Irish Examiner Round Island Race took place to-day under the guiding hand of Princpal Race Officer Seamus Gilroy.  Immediately after the Class Flag  went up for the dinghies an extremely heavy thunder shower struck the fleet.

The intensity of the shower was so great it turned the sea into what looked like a cauldron of boiling white water.  However, by the time the start signal went it had cleared somewhat and the fleet including a number of Fevas, Lasers and and Brendan Sassiani’s A Class, which charged off the line to eventually win the overall trophy, had a clear start. The A Class Catamaran was first around Spike Island by over 20 minutes ahead of Grattan Roberts Splash Dance and Dermot O’Flynn’ Laser.

Meanwhile the cruisers had a separate start and, despite the sailing instructions, several were seen trying to enter the “no go” area and had to return to start properly.  The course for this fleet was somewhat longer and took them up to Cobh where they made a left turn at No. 20 buoy and from there headed for a finish at Currabinny Pier.

The wind was West/North West and as is usual with these sort of winds it was gusty but also had holes in it.  The course was such that  only Martin Darrer had a suitable offwind sail which he put to good use for the tight reach back from No. 20.

Further pictures from the event can be seen on Gallery – Bateman Gallery

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