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Important Notice re Cobber League, Amendment to the Schedule of Races Warning Signal this Sunday Oct 18, at 9:30am

Dear Sailors and Parents,

As you may be aware Ireland have qualified for the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup.  Their next crucial game is this Sunday with a kick off time of 1pm.

Given the day that is in it and the fact that most people will want to watch the game plus in line with what the rest of the RCYC are doing, we are going to bring the start for the Cobbler League forward for this Sunday October 18th.

First gun will now be at 9:30am.  Launch time will be at 8:30am, with no rules or RO briefing to take place.  We will aim to have everyone in off the water for 12:45pm. There will be no daily prizegiving and it will instead be incorporated into the final day’s prizegiving.

An amendment to the Sailing Instructions will be posted in due course.

As we have nearly 50 Optimists and also over 25 other dinghies sailing this Sunday, please rig all ALL dinghies in their usual parking spot and do not bring them to the head of the slipway until instructed. We need to manage the slipway to ensure everyone gets out and back quickly to get in for the game!!!

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