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Irish Cruiser Racing Association National Conference

The ICRA (Irish Cruiser Racing Association) National Conference will take place this Saturday, November 21st at the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny.      Conference details here

There is a very full and exciting agenda with many important items of interest to be discussed and some very interesting presentations will be made by by guest speakers. 


One of the highlights of the meeting will be the ICRA boat of the year trophy presentation.  Speculation as to the recipient has been rife and all will be revealed on Saturday.  There will be an eagerly awaited progress report on the Rolex Commodore’s Cup 2010. This will follow on from the very well attended meeting at the Royal Cork Yacht Club, last Saturday on the subject of the method of selection of teams for the Rolex Commodore’s Cup 2010 when it was agreed that a self -selection process would prevail rather than the trials that had been proposed. A consensus was arrived at that the assessment process that had taken place during 2009 had been very productive for all who participated. It was agreed unanimously that in the current environment the best way to proceed going forward to 2010 was to revert to an organic self selection process. It was felt this offered the best prospect of fielding two teams in the event which is essential to achieving the aims of Team Ireland. The meeting at Kilkenny on Saturday will further continue discussion on and elaborate on this subject.


There will be a progress report on White Sailing as to whether there should be a National Championship for whitesail or is this contrary to the concept of white sailing.  Reply to this debate will be by Des McWilliam of One Sails.  This should be particularly interesting with the ever increasing numbers of sailors entering this category and it is hoped there will be a large attendance to air the views of the whitesail sailors and how they see whitesailing progressing.  There will also be an IRC management and Annual Congress report 2009 and changes for 2010.  Reply to this topic will be by well known and highly succesful yacht designer Mark Mills. Other guest speakers will include Maurice ‘Prof’ O’Connell of North Sails and Ger O’Rourke will give a presentation on his Volvo Round the World Race Experience. there will also be a review of ECHO.  There are many other items on the agenda  to whet the appetite and to stimulate lively debate.


The ICRA Conference is a great opportunity for cruiser racing sailors to meet each other to discuss seasons past and to make plans for the future.  The format is interactive where everyone present is encouraged to share and develop ideas that will improve and promote the cruiser racing sector in Ireland and in inernational competition.


ICRA Commodore Barry Rose will chair the meeting which will take place at the Newpark Hotel Kilkenny.  Registration will take place at 10.30 am and the meeting will commence at 11 am.

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