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How to Add a Post

1. Log in to the website to access the dashboard
2. From the left hand menu, select “Posts”
3. This will list all existing posts on the website. You can now add a new post or update an existing one.

Add a New Post

For an example post to follow, please see this post –

1. Click the “Add New” button located at the top of the screen
2. A new screen will open. It will require you to enter a post title in the top box. It should not exceed 12 words! It should be set in capitalised case whereby the first letter is set as a capital letter (upper-case letter) and the remaining letters in lower case e.g. This Is My Test Post.
3. After you have set your post title, you will need to upload a post featured image. This is the preview image that is left aligned off the text on the homepage. NOTE: The size of this image MUST be 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall. To set the featured image click “Set Featured Image” that is located on the right hand side of the screen. Then click “Upload Files” and locate your image from your computer and upload it and set it as the featured image.
4. The next step is to type your body content. This is the large area at the centre of the screen and is the area to place all relevant text and additional images for the post. (make sure to always toggle to “Visual” from the right hand corner of this area)
a. NOTE: The opening paragraph MUST contain 50 or more words. This is to ensure the excerpt (the preview text for each post) looks visually balanced and tidy.
b. NOTE: It is extremely important that you do not copy and paste your text from Word files. If you are copying from Word, you should first copy the text into a Notebook file (Textedit on a Mac). Then from there, copy into the post. This cleans the text of unnecessary formatting code. It is very important that you follow this rule and do not copy from Word as it will disrupt the formatting of the post.
6. Once you have added the text of your post, you can add additional images to the post. Additional images should be inserted within the text of the post itself anywhere AFTER the 50 word opening paragraph of the post, preferably towards the bottom or even at the end of the text. Note: Images within the text should be sized correctly to 800 pixels wide by 533 pixels tall. For an example see this post –
7. Nearly there! Next select the category this post should appear in from the right hand side of the screen under “Categories”. Eg “Latest News”
8. When you are ready click “Publish”. Make sure to refresh your browser window if you do not see your post appearing on the website.


• Give your post a title
• Upload a featured image that is sized to 300 X 200 px
• Type the text of your post in the large area
• Add additional images within the text that are 800 X 533 px
• Select a “Category”
• Click “Publish”
• Remember when using the editor in WordPress, always make sure to toggle to “Visual” from the right hand corner of the editor


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