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Halloween Hunt

A short Halloween hunt for members has been set out in the Yacht Club and will run until the end of the mid-term break on Sunday evening. 

All you need is a notepad, pen and helpers under the age of 12.

We have laid out 5 Halloween decorations between the cadet centre and the playground. On finding the five clues, you will use the code breaker on the bookshelf inside the door to the ladies changing rooms to reveal five letters. These letters must be arranged to solve the spooky word. (The decorations in the code room don’t count!)

This password can be used to claim a Moo’d ice cream of your choice at Centra in Crosshaven.

If partaking in this activity please be mindful of the following:

  • Do not participate if showing any signs of COVID-19
  • Any participants must be from the same household, no groups
  • Try not to touch any marker
  • There are no clues down the marinas
  • When claiming the treat, you must announce the password to the Centra staff member (Conor / Bernard are aware)
  • Please do not abuse this, one treat per child
  • Sorry if you can’t make it down due to travel restrictions, we’ll have plenty more activities in the coming months

Hopefully the clues stay put(wind, mischief), if you can’t find one, drive on, I think they’ll solve the password without finding all clues.

If stuck, call Jen on 0871320843

Good luck and enjoy!