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Final Reminder ICRA Annual Conference and Boat of the Year 2013 nominations

Letter from Norbert Reilly  ICRA Commodore

Dear friends,

ICRA conference is a meeting for ALL Cruiser Racing…Boat Owners..Crew and their clubs. At the last conference we launched our “More Sailors…..More Sailing” campaign…

…based on our experience we have put together a strong programme for 2014 and we need YOUR HELP!!
Cyclists see bunch guys flying down the French mountains and go out and spend € thousands on a bike… even more on kit… then head out as target practice for motorists… punctures miles from home… poisoned by car fumes… and completely exhausted with miles to go!!

Americas Cup captivated the viewers and we need to use it to recruit… we have the Moth fleet to excite the youths.

Below please find some of the items from our agenda….it will get more Crew for your boat and more Members for your Club

Any ideas/suggestions you want on agenda…just email us

Please don’t expect someone else to do the job…Its you I need.

See you Saturday 23rd!!

Nobert Reilly
ICRA Commodore

In addition to our keynote presentation by Matt Sheahan:


Philip Bendon and his Match Racing Irish Team will present:

Other agenda items are:

Commodore’s Cup Team: Team Up Date
Crew Training Programme: Comprehensive Modules for all clubs
Crew Point: Plan to link Crew to Boats in your club
ICRA Club Rep Role: It won’t happen unless ICRA and Clubs work closer
ICRA IT: Ideal platform for targeting new sailors!..for your boat

Still time for you to nominate your favourite boat for ICRA Boat of the Year 2013. The winner of the award will be announced at the ICRA Conference on Saturday November 23 in the Royal Irish YC.

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