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To-day, Saturday, at Varberg, Sweden, George Szabo and Rick Peters (USA) won the 2009 Star World Championship with a third place finish in the final race of the series. Lars Grael and Ronald Seifert (BRA) won the race by a country mile and the Junior team from Argentina, Alejo Rigoni and Juan Pablo Percossi were second in the race. Szabo/Peters won the Star Worlds with an average score of six points for the five races in their scoreline.

Peters, who is always one for great lines said of their performance for the day and the week, “The other guys just haven’t been to Varberg International Speedway enough. We were 54th the first day and we went the same way every day. We didn’t change a thing.”

The Irish duo of Max Treacy and Anthony Shanks of Dun Laoghaire got off to a good start rounding the first mark in 8th position.  However, they dropped to 14th by the finish to end up with an overall score for the series of 17th position.  Peter O’Leary and Tim Goodbody had a poor final race and ended up in 23rd position overall.

The fluctuating conditions throughout the series were such that there was a huge element of luck attaching to results.  Some of the top Star sailors found themselves finishing well down the fleet including  the defending champions from 2008 who could only manage an 8th overall position.

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