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Editing Homepage Image Panels

1. Log in to the website to access the dashboard
2. From the left hand menu, select “Pages”
3. This will list all existing pages on the website. Scroll down and select the “Home” page.
4. This will open the editor for controlling the homepage image panels that appear below the homepage slideshow.
5. NOTE: Be cautious with edits here as incorrect use can damage the design/function of the homepage. If there are any problems re size of images, presentation of images etc. please consult with us.

Editing the Panels

1. In the editor window there is a widget titled “Layout Builder”. This is the first, horizontal box you see. Hover over this and click “Edit”.
2. This will show you 7 widget boxes, each representing a panel on the homepage.
3. Select the panel you wish to edit by hovering over it and clicking “Edit”. This will show you the image of that panel and the text link below the image. From here you can upload a new image and edit the text/link.
4. NOTE: All panel images MUST be sized to 278 pixels wide by 307 pixels tall.
5. There is one large panel and it is sized to 583 pixels wide by 307 pixels tall but this will not change.
6. To change a panel image, simply select the image and click “Add Media”
7. Upload your correctly sized panel image (278 X 307). Before clicking “Insert into Page” make sure the “Alignment” is set to “Centre” and the “Link To” is set to a “Custom URL” and you have added a custom URL (where the user will go to when they click the panel”
8. Once you click “Insert Into Page” the image will update.
9. The final step is to update the text underneath the image. You can do this by typing in the editor and clicking “Insert/Edit Link” button from the tools palette and inserting your URL of choice.
10. When you are happy click the “Done” button. Then click the “Done” button again to bring you back to the overall page editor and click “Update” button to commit your changes. Make sure to refresh your browser window to see the changes take place.


• Navigate to the “Home” page under “Pages”
• Select “Edit” on the first box
• Select “Edit” on the panel you wish to edit
• Upload an image that is 278 X 307
• Edit the text/Link
• Click “Done” then “Done” again and then select “Update” to commit your changes
• Remember when using the editor in WordPress, always make sure to toggle to “Visual” from the right hand corner of the editor

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