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Dinghy Skills Coaching Starts on Monday

World Class Coach Fernando Gwozdz from Argentina arrives this weekend and the first group starts on Monday 9th at 9am.


Fernando has extensive coaching experience as well as a remarkable sailing record in his own right with multiple podium finishes in major international events from Optimists to 470’s. He will be here on a full time basis for four weeks.


Courtesy (Paul Keal)


Class captains from the dinghy classes have made their own arrangements with regard to setting up coaching groups to fit into the following timetable. This is provisional and subject to review by Fernando after Wk 1.

  Morning Afternoon
  (9-13 hrs) (14-18 hrs)
Monday Blue L Blue
Tuesday Purple Yellow 1
Wednesday 420s FEVA
Thursday Blue L Blue
Friday Laser 4.7 Purple
Saturday Yellow 2 Racing
Sunday Free Free


Optimist Fleet Groupings Yellow groups may launch a little later and stay out for racing – tbc. Note yellow group participation will also be subject to review in consultation with Fernando. Your co-operation is essential to get through the first week to give Fernando a chance to review the sailors and their skill levels.

Chloe Crosbie Blue
Paul Martin Blue
Chris Phelan Blue
Julie Tingle Blue
Katherine Geoghegan Blue
Alexandra Morehead Blue
Amy Harrington Blue
Killian O’Keeffe Blue
John Durcan Blue


Conor Lyden L Blue
Brendan Lyden L Blue
David Whitaker L Blue
Patrick Crosbie L Blue
Philip Brownlow L Blue
Seafra Guilfoyle L Blue
Peter McCann L Blue
Cian Byrne L Blue


Eoin Lyden Purple
Julie Power Purple
Marc Cudmore Purple
Arran Walsh Purple
Oscar Morehead Purple
Dermot Lyden Purple
Jamie Tingle Purple
Harry Whitaker Purple
Rory Martin Purple


Ewan O’Keeffe Yellow 1
Sabrina Downey Yellow 1
Isabella Nyhan Yellow 1
Oliver Nyhan Yellow 1
Criofan Guilfoyle Yellow 1
Sarah Kelly Yellow 2
Sarah McCann Yellow 2
Graham Smith Yellow 2
William Trevor Yellow 2


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