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Cruising Log Competition 2010

Royal Cork Yacht Club

Cruising Log Competition

The Cruising Committee is continuing the successful initiative introduced last year in the form of a Cruising Log Competition.


The competition will be based around the submission of the logs of voyages undertaken by Members during the 2010 season, under sail or in motor vessels.


The format of the competition will be to award trophies across two categories:


1.      An extended cruise in excess of  one month


2.      A summer cruise of one month (31 days) or less.


There will be no geographical restrictions regarding the waters cruised (inland, coastal or offshore), nor indeed must the logs be submitted by skippers. It is sufficient that (a) the voyage reported commenced during the 2010 and (b) the author of the log be a RCYC Member at the time of log submission. It is planned that the winning entries will be published in the 2011 Yearbook and that all entries will be put onto the RCYC website. The Cruising Committee and the Editorial Committee of the Yearbook reserve the right to edit logs to comply with publication requirements.


Logs must be submitted in line with the “Notes of Contributors” set out hereunder and will be adjudicated by a suitably experienced cruising person to be selected by the Cruising Committee. The adjudicator will not be a member of the RCYC. Decisions regarding winning logs will rest with the adjudicator and the Cruising Committee and shall not be open to appeal.




As the plan is to publish the winning entries in the 2010 RCYC Yearbook, submissions for the competition should make for enjoyable reading. Winning logs will be in narrative style and are likely to convey the spirit of the cruise, including navigational information (where appropriate), will provide details of ports and shore locations visited and generally be of guidance to others planning similar voyages.


Due Date: The closing date for competition entries will be October 31st 2010


Submission format:

(1)   Electronically in Microsoft Word format as well as on Disk (labelled with the authors name and the software version used). Files should be saved in Rich Text Format (RTF), or

(2)   Hard copy (2 copies, double spaced, single sided).


Submission length:

Entries should not exceed 2500 words to facilitate entry into the Yearbook


Log Title:

Should make reference to the area cruised and should be accompanied by the name of the author.



Where possible, submit one photograph (in jpg format) per 800 words, with accompanying captions providing details and names of those included. Photographs of boats and people are generally preferred. Resolution of all photographs submitted must be 300-dpi (otherwise they will not be suitable for enlarging/publication in the Yearbook).



Draft form charts in black ink, showing outline tracks are welcome. Again the 300-dpi resolution applies.


N.B. Please do not embed photographs or charts in the Word text but attach them separately with the submission.


Log Formatting:


The following format conventions should be observed


§  Names of boats should appear in italics

§  Do not use italics for names of persons or place names

§  Place names should use the spelling given on charts

§  Compass bearings should be in numbers, e.g. 090o True


Entry submission:

All entries should be sent to Miriam at the RCYC Office.

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