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Cruise to Glandore – Heroes, singing and a stale pint!

A great cruise in company took place on the June Bank Holiday weekend.  8 boats made the cruise and 30 people attended the meal that evening at the Glandore Hotel where Helen Guinan’s birthday was also celebrated.


The food was excellent and for most people there was a great party atmosphere.   However, just as Paul Hassett and the Rear Admiral were about to tuck into their dinner, a message came that Paul’s boat Oryx was drifting solo out the harbour having slipped her moorings.  



Fortunately Pat Darcy had rescued her and all that was left for the skipper and his crew to do was bring her back to the mooring .  (Of the six available moorings in Glandore only 2 proved usable, but more of this anon…)


Returning to the meal Paul’s pint had gone “stale” and the hotel obligingly replaced it, however in order to save the environment Paul “recycled” the old one.  After a great evening skippers and crews retired to their assorted bunks with the odd song to be heard amid the snores.


Next day brought a lovely northerly force 4 which provided excellent conditions for a superb sail back to Crosshaven in flat seas all the way.

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