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Cruise to France

Cruise In Company

Herewith French cruise plan.

Our plan is to leave Royal Cork Yacht Club on June 28th and make our first landfall at lle d’Oussent, a distance of some 240 miles. We will spend a few days there and then head for Audierne and Concarneau while exploring the nearby lle de Glenans, before arrival at Lorient where we will be joined by (or change ) crew on the weekend of July 4th. Our second week will be spent cruising the area between Lorient and the Gulf du Morbihan where we hope to visit the city of Vannes and the nearby Belle lle.

Returning via Lorient, our final week will see us cruising the coast between Lorient and Brest, passaging via the Raz de Sein, with a final French visit to Camaret, before kicking off for the Isles of Scilly via the Chanel de Four, to bring us back to Cork on the weekend of July 18th.

Anyone interested in joining us for a loose “cruise in company”, please contact me on 087 2382138 or on


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