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COVID-19 Level 2 Guidelines

Following the release of the ‘Framework For Restrictive Measures’ by the Irish Government on Tuesday 15th September 2020, below is the interpretation of the impact of these guidelines on members & guests of the Royal Cork Yacht Club while we remain in Level 2.

Current Level For Cork: Level 2Government GuidanceInterpretation & Impact On Members & Guests
Social and family gatheringsA maximum of 6 people can meet indoors and 15 people outdoors from up to 3 households including your own.In the bar & dining room, a maximum of 6 people from 3 households per table and outdoors this increases to a maxiumum of 15 people from 3 households per table.
Organised indoor gatheringsUp to 50 patrons are permitted and in pods or groups of up to 6 if appropriate, with arrangements to ensure no intermingling of groups.Dinners, prizegivings and event briefings can take place indoors with a restriction of 50 people. Tables will be limited to six and no intermingling permitted.
Organised outdoor gatheringsUp to 100 patrons are permitted for the majority of venues.Dinners, prizegivings and event briefings can take place outdoors with a restriction of 100 people. No intermingling permitted.
SportsOutdoors: training can take place in pods of up to 15 (exemption for professional/elite/inter-county sports/senior club championship).Dinghy training restricted to 15 people per pod. Multiple pods can exist within one fleet.
Indoors: training, exercise and dance classes can take place in pods of up to 6 inside (exemption for professional/elite/inter-county sports/senior club championship).Indoor briefings, debriefings and classroom work is restricted to 6 people per pod. Multiple pods can utilise shared spaces once social distancing is maintained and there is no intermingling between pods.
Bars, cafes and restaurants (including hotel restaurants and bars)Maximum numbers in restaurants and cafes linked to capacity of establishment, taking account of public health advice, but with individual groups limited to 6 people from up to 3 households.Again, a maximum of 6 people from 3 households per table in the bar & dining room.
Wet pubsMaximum numbers linked to capacity of establishment, taking account of public health advice including appropriate social distancing, but with individual groups limited to 6 people from no more than 3 households or the prevailing advice on the mixing of households.From September 21st, a substantial meal is no longer required for alcohol to be served. Again, a maximum 6 people from 3 households per table. Other Wet Pub measures will also be in place i.e. table service only, face coverings to be worn when joining and leaving a table and contact tracing is required.
Outdoor playgrounds, play areas and parksAll remain open with protective measures in place.Playground remains open and will be cleaned regularly.
Those aged over 70 and the medically vulnerableThose aged 70 years and over and the medically vulnerable should exercise judgement regarding the extent to which they engage with others and in activities outside home.Members and guests over 70 are welcome to enjoy the club and its facilities.
WeddingsUp to 50 people can attend a wedding ceremony and reception.The club can host weddings with up to 50 guests.
FuneralsUp to 50 mourners can attend.The club can host funerals with up to 50 mourners.
Museums, galleries and other cultural attractionsOpen with protective measures (for example, a maximum capacity to allow 2 metre distancing, one-way traffic within the venue).The Sirius Exhibition remains open & we encourage members to attend.

Other Points Of Clarity:

1. Face coverings are not mandatory in any setting apart from when joining or leaving a table or the rest rooms within the clubhouse.

2. It is the responsibility of skippers to maintain a list of crew members for contact tracing purposes. Organisers of events, racing and training will maintain a log of contact details of skippers of all boats via results and sign up sheets. The contact tracing form online is no longer required unless otherwise stated.

3. The Health Declaration Form continued to be a requirement for all individuals taking to the water from the club. This only needs to be filled out again is circumstances surrounding your health change.

4. Guests of members, once signed in, are allowed to use the club facilities in line with regular club rules.

5. Cadet changing rooms will remain closed until further notice but we will continually review the possibility of reopening.

6. Social distancing must continue to be adhered to in line with Government guidelines.

7. Irish Sailing guidelines for Level 2 should also be adhered to.