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COVID-19 Latest Guidelines

Following the release of the latest public health measures, Irish Sailing have published their interpretation of these measures and we will adopt these guidelines in our club activities.

It’s important to note that sailing and boating have been identified as Low Risk Activities, thus we can take to the water again using the ‘Pod’ system. A ‘pod’ is a group of up to 15 people from 2 or more household units involved in an activity together where social distancing may not be possible e.g. a boat crew, a recreational training group (incl. coach or instructor), a committee boat/race management crew or a safety boat crew. Quite simply put, a Pod is a boat and multiple pods can train together once they follow the guidelines set out by Irish Sailing above, primarily minimizing the Pod size and maintaining distance between Pods.

Basis Under Government PlanImpact On Sailing Activity Per Irish SailingImpact On Royal Cork Activity
Organised indoor gatherings: These are controlled environments with a named event organiser,
owner or manager
No organised indoor gatherings should take placeNo organised indoor gatherings should take place
WorkWorkers who work outdoors may return from 4th May otherwise work from home with exception of essential workersEssential club staff are back on site. The office continues to operate remotely.
Organised outdoor gatherings. These are controlled environments with a named event organiser, owner or managerFrom May 10th, a maximum of 15 people may gather outdoors Per Irish Sailing
Exercise and Sporting EventsFrom May 10th, Recreational Training and Race Training may resume for Adults as well as
Instructor Training may resume with activity taking place outdoors
Per Irish Sailing. Notice of training will follow from keelboat and dinghy committees
Exercise and Sporting EventsFrom June 7th, sailing competition may resume at local, regional and national levelPer Irish Sailing, all planned racing will resume per the calendar from June 7th with potential for some adjustments and inclusion of previously postponed events
Bars, cafes and restaurants (including hotel
restaurants and bars)
From June 7th, Club Catering Facilities open for outdoor dining with groups limited to 6 peopleFrom May 8th, takeaway tea, coffee, snacks and pizza will be served. From June 7th, the clubhouse and bar will reopen for outdoor food & beverage. A substantial meal will not be required for alcohol to be served. A new and improved catering solution will be in place
Ports and HarboursOperation of ports and harbours are deemed essential. Any service
required for the safe provision of a service for the operation of ports and harbours is allowed
Marinas and facilities will be fully maintained as they have been at all times
Domestic travel restrictionsFrom May 10th, Intercounty Travel is PermittedWe welcome out of port members back to the club
International TravelThe arrival of personal non-national leisure vessels are still restricted
from visiting Irish ports, marinas, and harbours with some exceptions
(e.g. ‘port in a storm’).
Other travel restrictions relating to international visitors to Ireland are updated regularly on the site
All visitors or member vessels must contact before attempting to berth in the Royal Cork
Adult and higher educationPrimarily online with exemptions for essential onsite activitiesPer Irish Sailing


Other Points Of Clarity:

1. The Health Declaration Form continues to be a requirement for all individuals taking to the water from the club. This only needs to be filled out again if circumstances surrounding your health change

2. All changing rooms will remain closed until further notice with the exception of essential toilet facilities