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Cork City Marina Changes Ownership

Please see below a letter with regard to the change of ownership of the City Marina.


Good morning everyone,

Please note that as of the beginning of this month, the Port of Cork Company has moved from its Corporate Headquarters in the Customs House, Customs House Street, Cork.

As part of the sale of the Customs House, the City Marina was a component part.

It has been wonderful to have the Marina under our stewardship, and being able to interact with all the numerous events, visitors and occasions over the last number of years. Indeed we have been visited by yachts from far and wide, learner rowers and even Royal families.

The new owners, Tower Holdings Group, are moving into their new premises with an exciting project ahead. In the meantime the Marina remains open, albeit with a different owner at the helm.

If you need to contact the owners, they can be reached as follows:

Alison Lee

(021) 245 5050


They will post their new rates in due course and formalise any arrangements for the City Marina as they settle in.

Thank you for your custom and visits to us over the years. We look forward to continuing working with you with regard to event organisation in the future. We also hope you get an opportunity to use and enjoy our new facilities at Paddy’s Point in Ringaskiddy.


Best regards



Nicholas Bourke

Deputy Harbour Master

Deputy Operations Manager



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