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Stephen O'Shaughnessy

Congratulations to Club Member Stephen O’Shaughnessy on his appointment as Racing Manager at Irish Sailing

Congratulations to our own Stephen O’Shaughnessy who has been appointed to the role of Racing Manager at Irish Sailing.

Irish Sailing earlier today announced the appointment of Stephen O’Shaughnessy to the role of Racing Manager.

A native of Cork City, Stephen has significant sailing experience from a very young age, cutting his teeth in the mirror dinghy prior to competing in the ILCA7 and firefly team racing dinghies.

Stephen has also sailed competitively in Dublin bay for well over a decade on a number of keel boats both inshore and offshore, before moving back home to Cork harbour where he currently competes in the National 18 adult dinghy fleet as well as keel boats.

In addition, Stephen has a strong business background in the area of compliance and control frameworks, ensuring regulatory policies and procedures are fit for purpose on an ongoing basis. 

The role of Racing Manager will support all aspects of competitive racing, across the country, whether it is local, national or international across.  Stephen looks forward to engaging with all stakeholders, clubs, classes and training centres over the coming months. 

Best of luck from everyone at the Royal Cork.

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