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Change of weather conditions for racing today

Today marked quite a change in conditions from Monday.  However, the high winds forecast to arrive didn’t materialise and racing took place in all classes in force 4 to 5 knots occasionally 7 to 8 in a southwesterly breeze.  Your scribe was today watching the “biggies” in SZ and One. Fortunes ebbed and flowed and one is getting a sense of a pattern emerging in all classes.

Tomorrow (Wed) will see Fleet D – 1720s, IRC 5 and 6 and SB3s  on the Harbour Course. Fleet C – IRC3 and 4 will sail the slalom Course.  Fleet B – J109s and IRC 2 will be on the Olympic Course.  Fleet A – Super Zero, Zero and IRC One will sail Windward/Leeward and Fleet E – the Corporate and both white sail Fleets will sail on the Trapezoid Course.  All subject  to the vagaries of weather and the decision of  the Race Director.  One discard will be allowed if five or more races have been sailed.  This can arise from tomorrow  and could see some interesting changes at the leader board.

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