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Champagne Sailing on the Crosshaven Riviera today

What we had all hoped would happen came to pass today on the first day of racing at Cork Week. The competitors and Race Officers were blessed with warm easterlies of some 10 to 15 knots and the sun shone on a sparkling sea.

Your scribe and photographer were following the Class Two yachts and the J 109s sailing the harbour course. Class Two had a general recall. After the advice from Race Officer David O’Brien that two ships were due in the harbour at lunch time competitors were sent on course 10 that included a reach into the harbour and out again to the Ringabella mark and then to OFE2 and back to the harbour mouth before proceeding up to Cobh. The wind lightened somewhat during the afternoon and this was obvious from the air where your photographer and scribe were observing the scene having been on the water earlier for the start of racing.

The scene from above was fascinating. The various courses were very clear from the air and and the whole area looked so beautiful it could have been a scene from a movie. All in all a very pleasant experience.

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