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CH Marine Winter league

With a brisk south easterly breeze and a grassy start the fleet was combined into an all in start using course 93 which was shortened after two rounds making for an eight mile course. This consisted of a beat to No. 3 back to cage then to No. 12, a beat back to Corkbeg and a reach back to cage.

For the second round they had a run to No. 8, a beat out to No. 3, a run to No. 5 and a finish at cage. There were many thrills and spills during the day with a number of retirements. First out of the block and first to arrive at No. 3 was Anthony O’Leary’s 1720 . For what was possibly the first time the four O’ Learys, Anthony, Peter, Nin and Robert were sailing together competitively in the same boat with the fifth crew member being Ed Callanan, a grandson of Joe Fitzgerald.

While it was a grey November day nevertheless it was very pleasant because it was very mild for the time of year and racing such as this shortens the winter for the crews. Luckily for the sailors the tides did not affect them very much until towards the end of the race when the spring tides began to exert their force. Silk Breeze, Outrigger, Aramis and Running Wild all retired for one reason or another with a Chinese gybe in one case but all in all the day provided plenty of exhilarating racing with satisfied sailors coming ashore with many exciting experiences to recount.

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