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CH Marine Autumn Regatta 2012 At Royal Cork Yacht Club

CH Marine Autumn Regatta RCYCRoyal Cork Yacht Club is delighted to welcome back on board CH Marine as Sponsor of the Autumn Regatta 2012.

Some factors for you to note:

Regatta starts six days from today (24th).  The Organisers would much appreciate if all those who have not yet registered would please do so in order to avoid confusion and delays on Sunday morning by having to process entries.

Like every good cook knows: a fine meal is not only the result of the cook’s capacity, it is also a matter of preparing the ingredients.  The organization for the CH Marine Autumn Regatta has its kitchen well under control.  There will be two courses: Outside the harbour Classes One, Two and Three will sail under Race Officer Peter Crowley who will be stationed with Sparetime and will alternate each week between a laid course and a round the cans course.

In the case of the 1720s they will alternate each week between the inner and outer harbour courses

Inside the harbour Race Officer Barry Rose will start races for White sail One and Two and Class Four.

Any class with more than three boats of the same design sailing will have a special daily as well as an overall prize.

As always, volunteers are welcome for the committee boats and other duties. Anyone interested will be welcomed by the organizers with much appreciation.  Please contact RCYC office.

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