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Way Back When – No. 15

The WbW series relies primarily on photographs for its mission to tell interesting stories about the club, the boats, the members and indeed the wider harbour community. This post celebrates one photographer and his better half that have done so much for so long…. (more…)

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Way Back When – No. 14

The Club Boats are to most of us like wall paper, rarely getting a second glance. Here we look at some of the hardest working boats in the harbour and we have unearthed a letter and a fishing boat registration to add a little bit more to the knowledge bank. (more…)

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Perhaps one of the three Brooke boats being referred to by Buchan above. This boat is a Brooke from the early 1920s which has been in the Roberts family for over 60 years. Here she is in 2017 with Mairead, Julianne, Grattan and Richard on board. But this is a digression - the new clubhouse very quickly became home to the Royal Munster Yacht Club as Buchan relates below...

WbW#12 – The March Calendar

This months calendar picture is the classic clubhouse view. We have some entertaining and informative extracts from the memoirs of it’s architect, his vision for club development from the late ’60s, and a little background to the first club amalgamation in the river….. (more…)

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Way Back When – No. 11

In one of the Royal Cork yearbooks there is an article about a yacht that has been in continuous use on Cork Harbour since 1936.  This led your WbW team to wonder if this is a record or whether others could lay claim to the title. So we went investigating… (more…)

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