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Cara Na Mara

Cara Na Mara is the ISA’s sailing programme for 7 – 10 year olds. It provides a child centred approach to introducing children to sailing and the marine environment. The programme allows children to discover, explore and practice the skills and knowledge they will need as sailors while under the leadership and supervision of ISA Instructors within an ISA accredited Training Centre.

Half day training workshops for the Cara Na Mara young sailor scheme are running on the dates listed below.

Cork – Royal Cork Yacht Club – 7/4/2012 – 10am – 1pm

Dublin – Royal St George Yacht Club –  12/5/2012 – 2pm – 5pm

Limerick – Lough Derg Yacht Club – 26/5/2012 – 10am – 1pm

Contact Alison in training for further details –

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