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Berthing and handling demonstartion

BERTHING TECHNIQUES:- A technical talk and practical "On the water demonstration" – has been organised for ALL Royal Cork members (Sail and Power) at the CLUBHOUSE AND MARINA, for saturday morning May 10th.

Starting at 10.30 am. with a theory presentation in the Clubhouse, we will then move outside to the marina basin directly in front of the carpark, where Alan Barton & Darren Mc Grath, experienced boat handlers and trainers, have kindly agreed to demonstrate some useful techniques related to approaching and departing your berth.

They will set out to demonstrate how wind and tide (particularly in our estuary), can be harnessed as an asset rather than considered a liability, when maneouvering onto and off our berths. Show us how to maneouver sideways using ferrygliding and propwalk techniques. How best to approach our berths when being blown off or on. How to "spring off" against an on-blowing wind, and I am sure many other very useful handling skills.

They will also discuss and demonstrate, recommended best practices related to such as anchoring, tying up, laying down springs etc.,and of course be happy to take any questions you may have on the day.

It is intended to use a sailboat (single prop) and motor cruiser (twin prop) for the practical section, to facilitate most members needs.

I would very much appreciate receiving some advance indication of those hoping to attend to facilitate organisational needs.

  Please phone, text or e-mail me at mobile 087-2551939 or e-mail

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