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Barts Bash

Barts Bash.

The Royal Cork Yacht Club recently took part in the worlds largest sailing race The Barts Bash. A charitable race in memory of Andrew (Bart) Simpson, three time Olympic Medalist in the Star class and America’s cup sailor who tragically died whilst training for the last America’s cup with Team Arthemis Racing when their AC74 Capsized.

The foundation now enables young Children access the sport of Sailing and compete in the sport that we all live and die for.

A very light North Easterly breeze greeted the 16 entries within Cork Harbour on Sunday the 21st of September last. Vessel’s varied from a Corby 25, J24, Cork 1720 to Laser 4.7, 29er and 49er skiffs. An all in Start was decided to be the most enjoyable format for the race agreed by Race Officer Rory Fitzpatrick and race organised Nicholas O’Leary. The set course was No.5, No.7, No.8 and finish at Cage allowing all points of sail for the variety of vessels.

A common starting point of Cage below Camden Fort was where the fleets converged for the light airs start. A favoured Port end of the start line was hotly contested with inches to spare by Anthony O’Leary and crew Clayton Love/Tom Durcan who won the port end closely followed by Nicholas O’Leary and Michael O’Brien in their 49er, Peter McCann and crew in a 420 and Paul Tingles Corby 25.

As the fleet progressed to Dognose (No.5) it was evident that the light skiffs would leave the slower dinghies and yachts behind and first mark round of Dognose saw the 49er round first followed by the big overlapping Jibbed J24 Dave Lane & Sinead Enright, the 29er Durcan brothers, Corby 25 Paul Tingle and 1720 Anthony O’Leary.

The excitement of the race was not until the last leg of the course when the wind shut down between No. 8 and Cage. The North Easterly breeze hit a convergence zone where the South Easterly Breeze trickled in from the Roches Point. The trailing fleet enjoyed a light NE wind as the leading pack parked up in no wind awaiting the South Easterly. The leading 49er found themselves to the west of the No Wind Zone and the Durcan twins Johnny & Harry sailing their 29er slipped further east to greet the South Eastern breeze. The Durcan’s took line honours followed a minute later by the 49er crew and the following three yachts had a three way race off for third, fourth and fifth. The J24 came home third with the Corby 25 in fourth and the hard worked 3 up 1720 crew finished fifth over the finish line.

The remaining dinghies retired from the race and returned home by rocking and Rolling their way back to the slipway.

Full results of the 1000’s of boats is available at –

Royal Cork Yacht Clubs Barts Bash page –

Well done to all and we look forward to more participation next year – September 20th 2015.

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