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At Home 23 ILCA Blackrock to RCYC passage Race

As part of the RCYC At Home 23 regatta, the ILCA fleet took on the Blackrock castle to RCYC passage race.


The course is close to eleven miles and estimates for the race started at the two hour mark for competitors. On the day, there was a very favourable northwest wind and a falling tide that helped speed the sailors home.

The ILCAs launched at the very hospitable Cork boat club and headed downriver with a falling tide and following wind to cover the course in close to ninety minutes.

The fleet had 18-20 kt directly behind across lough mahon which was a fantastic sprint across the lough with a few dramatic death rolls.

but the next leg through passage was significantly more friendly.

The ILCA 4s were allowed to go inside spike island and under the Haulbowline bridge while the ILCA 6s and 7s had to go the long way round as part of the handicap. A cruiseliner in Cobh provided the spectators as the 6s,7s rounded Spike.

The leading ILCA 4 Craig O’Neill was more than halfway across Curlane bank when the leading ILCA 6s of Robert Jeffreys and Joe O’Sullivan got around Spike.

The final beat to the club against tide and the usual trickiness at Coveney pier meant finally sorted out a winner with Joe O’Sullivan making it to the RCYC marina in one hour, twenty six minutes followed closely by Robert Jeffreys and then Craig O’Neill less than one minute behind. This sub 90 time may be setting a very difficult time to beat in future years.



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