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Annual Coolmore Junior Dinghy Race

We are delighted to announce that the annual Coolmore to Club Junior Dinghy Race will take place on Monday 17th August 2020.

First gun will be at 17:30hrs in front of Coolmore Estate with launching from 16:30hrs and a tow upriver if required. With high tide at 17:10, racing will finish in front of the club.

Separate starts and prizes will be available for Oppies, Toppers, Lasers and Mixed Dinghies and we encourage all of or junior sailors, particularly those who recently completed their sailing courses to come and partake.

This is always a great evening and we hope you can make it. Please complete this entry form, there is no entry fee 🙂

Entries as of 16th August-

Helm Full Name Class and Rig i.e Laser Radial, Topper 4.2 etc.
Emma O’Sullivan Laser 4.7
Eoin Horgan Laser 4.7
Daisy Seward Laser 4.7
Neil O’Leary Laser 4.7
Eoin Horgan Laser 4.7
James Healy Laser Radial
Hugh lynch Laser Radial
Atlee, Dawson, Lola, Beau, Knox Kohl Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, Laser 4.7, Topper 5.3, Topper 4.2
Oisin Mac Sweeney Mirror
Ciana O’Leary Mirror
Benjamin Barry Optimist
Lightning Bolt Optimist
Abigail shorten Optimist
Rebecca Woodroffe Optimist
Gwen Barry Optimist
Fionn Daly Optimist
Isha Duggan Optimist
Liam Duggan Optimist
Kate Deane Optimist
Tara Hayes Optimist
Fionn hayes Optimist
Chris Galligan Optimist
Oisin pierse Optimist
Oisin pierse Optimist
Eoin    pierse Optimist
Akeela Itty Optimist
Dougie Venner Optimist
Harry Moynan Optimist
Rachel Lacheiner Optimist
Harry Moynan Optimist
Lucy Moynan Optimist
Colm O’ Driscoll Optimist
Ruby O’ Driscoll Optimist
Ada Ryan Optimist
Corey Browne Optimist
Sam Kelleher Optimist
JP Curtin Optimist
Daisy Walsh Topaz Uno
Rowan Mac Sweeney Topper
Vicky McDonnell-Lettice Topper
Connor Limrick Topper
Rian O’Neill Topper 4.2
Muireann Fitzpatrick Topper 5.2
Dan Oleary Topper 5.3
Max Tolan Topper 5.3
Dan Oleary Topper 5.3
Joe O’Sullivan Topper 5.3
Ella O’Neill Topper 5.3
Ellen McDonagh Topper 5.4
Muireann Fitzpatrick Topper Full rig
Eoin Byrne Topper full rig

Pic credit: Deirdre Horgan

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