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An excellent Wrap Up of the recent Interational Laser Class Masters Worlds at Hyeres

Report from Thomas Chaix

Team Ireland had a good week overall at the Laser Class Masters worlds at Hyéres and thanks to Denis O’Sullivan of Monkstown collected a top three finish by the end of eight days of hard sailing at ‘Lets Wrap up The Masters Worlds’

Standard Apprentice 38 entries

14th Thomas Chaix, KYC/RCYC. 4 top 10, best race 7th
23rd Dan O Connell, SSBC. best race 14th
32nd Paul Keane, RIYC. Best day at the end with a 23rd and a 25th

Standard Master 116 entries

20th Nick Walsh, RCYC. Four top 10 including a second in the qualifying series
59th Colin Galavan, RIYC. Won the Silver fleet with three top 10 results
80th Eddie Rice, RCYC. Three UFD but also some nice races including two top 10s in Silver
81st Kevin Currier, BYC.

Standard Grand Master 87 entries

41st Chris Arrowsmith, RstGYC. Best race 11th

Radial Great Grand Master. 77 entries

30th, Denis O’Sullivan, RCYC. Led race race Three and eventually took bronze medal in the Over 75 sub-ranking

Congratulations to all the team for their excellent performances in in such competitive fleets with large entries.

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