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505 Worlds 2022 Shipping

The container terminal in the Port of Cork is located merely 15 minutes from the Royal Cork Yacht Club. The port is well serviced with routes to many European connections and also direct services to the East Coast of the USA, Central America, Africa and the Med. Full route and port details are available here.

As event organisers, our duties are to bring the containers from the dockside in Cork, to the club, store the containers in an accessible location and get them back to the dockside after the event. We will do this and the event will fund this. The containers will remain in our dinghy park for the duration of the event.

As participants, you must arrange for the container to get to the dockside in Cork.

In normal times it is recommended that containers arrive 3 weeks before the event starts, given the current challenges, you may need more leeway.

Regarding customs clearance, Andrea in Shipping Solutions will act as the agent. All shipping leads should contact Andrea to discuss their shipping plans and Andrea will also support in advising and securing the optimum route for you and the fellow participants if required. Andrea is contactable here

For any queries, please contact

Update 2nd February 2022-

  • In case you haven’t had a response from Andrea in Shipping Solutions, please email her again and include her colleague and cc and also please
  • Given the importance of having the boats here on time, Andrea highly recommends MSC as the line most likely to deliver on time. The East Coast USA contingent are now in touch with MSC directly. Please email Andrea and Ariane to get things rolling
  • Given current times, shipping rates are only valid for 24 hours not to mind 2 – 3 months therefore you will need to work closely with the agency