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420 Open Day Rescheduled for Sunday Sept 25th

The 420 Open Day will now take place on Sunday September 25 starting at 12 noon.

In order to help the organisation please register your interest by clicking on this link, even if you were originally registered for the event that had to be postponed due to the weather last weekend.

The 420 is an exciting two person dinghy and is a most suitable boat for many of those ready to move on from Fevas or Oppies.

It compliments the Laser 4.7 and Radial classes and is aimed primarily at the same age group of 14 to 18.

It is ideal for the smaller helm who might struggle in breeze with the power of the 4.7, and those who wish to develop their trapeze and spinnaker skills.

While the class has only a small core group in the club at the moment, there is a good circuit (there were 25 boats at the nationals in Spiddal last weekend) and great craic.

Very good second hand boats are available and Tom Mappleback is willing to charter boats this winter in order to help build the fleet,


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