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420 Class sees upsurge in local interest – augurs well for youth sailing at Royal Cork

The 420 class has seen a major upsurge in interest this month – 4 brand new club pairings joined “old hands” Peter McCann/Arran Walsh and David Fogarty/Tom McGrath (both started way back last June!) for boat set-up and training in great conditions last weekend. Thomas Chaix has sent a coaches report which is published below for all.

Next weekend the newly invigorated class hosts an open training event where the local boats will be joined by teams from around the country – full details are published on the class website This is a new initiative and the class are hoping that the open training concept will be repeated around the country with one event every 4 to 6 weeks during the autumn/winter this year

Thomas Chaix’s report
Last weekend saw a possible new beginning for the 420 class in RCYC with 6 boats taking the water on both days. Apart from Peter McCann and crew Arran Walsh recently finishing 5th at the Nationals, all other partnerships were new comers and were greeted with a lovely 8-10 kts on Saturday to get used to the new ropes under the eyes of coach Thomas Chaix assisted by the current Irish top 420 helm and club member Patrick Crosbie.

Over 3 hours were spent afloat on boat handling mainly.  Sunday was dramatic with a solid 14-15kts with gusts up to 18-20kts. Capsizes and fast sailing were at the menu on the short course set beside the the league racing oppie course.  

Chloe Crosbie and Grattan Roberts were very effective assisting the session with a second RIB helping the crews to be more effective trapezing and on the fast paced downwind with the kites up.  The sailors ended the day wet, tired but very happy with their session.

Next weekend, the 420 class will train in RCYC joining these 6 boats followed by the 420 Munsters.”

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