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2008 Feva World Championships

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The 2008 Feva World Championships got underway in Gottskar, Sweden on Saturday 2nd August with the Royal Cork Yacht Club boats featuring in the top 5 in most if not all of the pre qualifying races. The qualifying races of which there are six will decide whether competitors race in the Gold or Silver fleet in the main event.

The top 50 places will go to the Gold Fleet. Richard Harrington and Conor Lyden took first place in the practice race on Saturday 2nd August and continued their form in the first day of the qualifying races and now after 3 races hold an excellent fourth place. Richard Roberts and Robert English with a second in one of their races are now lying in 8th position.

Isabella and Tom Morehead with a 5th, 3rd and 4th place in their 3 races, but were black flaggged the the last race of the day and only found out after crossing the line are lying in 31st place. Their discard which comes into play after the 5th race might improve their overall position.

Julie Tingle and Alexandra Morehead with their best position of 12th place are now lying 34th overall of the 14 Irish boats. Six are already in the top 50 places midway through the qualifying races. Jane and Vicky Cudmore with 69th place hope to pull out all the stops today in the last 3 qualifying races to stay in the gold fleet.

Weather is mixed with variable wind conditions and speeds of 10-20 knots during some races.

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