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1720 Sportsboat reaches speeds of 20 knots in Cork Harbour

Check out Gary’s video on Afloat’s article here. It’s of Club member Gary Rhode and crew on his 1720 Heroes and Villains, during the UK Sailmakers Series last Sunday



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  1. Gary Rhodes May 12, 2015 at 9:27 pm #

    The Royal Cork Yacht Club now has three 1720 sports boats that are available for training and racing. Join in the fun and come and sail on one of the club 1720s.
    Contact the club on +353 (0)21 4831023

    The 1720 Sportsboat is designed to be a safe, affordable and exciting one-design keelboat. The concept arose as the result of the demise in handicapped rating systems as a basis for providing quality Club Level and International keelboat racing. The original idea was conceived by a group of committed racing members of the Royal Cork Yacht Club, on the South coast of Ireland, which was founded in 1720 and as such is the oldest Yacht Club in the world.

    What was required was a boat that would deliver affordable competitive keelboat racing to a helmsman and crew, some of whom would be in the thirty or ”forty something” age bracket. In 1991 the group approached a number of international yacht designers with an idea to produce a new Cork Harbour One Design to replace the famous class that was designed and built in 1895/96 and raced in Cork until the 1960s.
    Tony Castro was closest to the brief by producing an inexpensive robust, highly stable, high performance, geriatric proof, 5 or 6 man one design keelboat that will satisfy the needs of sailors today and for the foreseeable future
    A set of very high quality moulds were made and with the persistence of a small dedicated group, aided by many Royal Cork members, and others, the prototype was launched in March 1994.
    The yacht immediately proved to have outstanding performance, and within a few days it was realised that Tony Castro had achieved everything that was asked for. An intensive sailing and development programme was undertaken with the prototype, thus reducing snags, and now there is a boat which achieves speeds in excess of 20 knots, while, at the same time provides the basis for a stable, controlled, close racing, one design class.

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