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The images in this gallery are the property of the individual photographers and may not be copied, shared or used in any way without the express permission of the individual photographer. If you are in any doubt contact the club manager, Gavin Deane, 021-4831023 for approval.

Irish Topper Nationals Prizegiving (Deirdre Horgan) Irish Topper Nats Day Two (Deirdre Horgan) Irish Topper Nationals (Deirdre Horgan) June League Racing (Deirdre Horgan)
Coolmore to Clubhouse Race (Deirdre Horgan) IODAI Trials 2016 (Deirdre Horgan) IODAI Spring Training 2016 - Baltimore (Deirdre Horgan) Irish Optimist Nationals 2015 (Deirdre Horgan)
Cork Dinghy Fest 2015 Skilled for Gold Regatta - 26 June 2015 (Deirdre Horgan) J24 Southerns 2015 SB20 Southerns
Optimist Munsters 2015 (Deirdre Horgan) UK McWilliam May League 2015 (Kieran O Connell) Optimist Trials 2015 - Day Four (Deirdre Horgan) Optimist Trials 2015 Day Three (Deirdre Horgan)
Optimist Trials 2015 - Day Two (Deirdre Horgan) Optimist Trials 2015 Day One (Deirdre Horgan) Baltimore Spring Training 2015 (Deirdre Horgan) Irish Opi Nationals day prizes sat (Paul Keal)
Irish Opi Nationals Main fleet Junior Day 4 (Paul Keal) Irish Opi Nationals Main fleet senior Day 4 (Paul Keal) Irish Opi Nationals day prizes sun (Paul Keal) Irish Optimist Nationals Main prize giving (Paul Keal)
Irish Opi Nationals Final party (Paul Keal) Irish Opi nationalls day3 Prize giving (Paul Keal) Irish Opi nationals day 3 Main fleet  (Paul Keal) Irish Opi nationals day 2 Main fleet (Paul Keal)
Irish Opi nationals day 2 regatta fleet (Paul Keal) Irish Opi nationals day 2 prize giving (Paul Keal) Irish Opi nationals day 1 (Paul Keal) Irish Opi nat opening (Paul Keal)
Irish Opi nat 18 racing (Paul Keal) Irish Opi nat 18 prize giving (Paul Keal) 2014 N18 Chicken of the south (Paul Keal) 2014 July Mixed Dinghies 30th (Paul Keal)
2014 SB20 NATIONALS Sat (Paul Keal) 2014 OPI JULY Sat 26(Paul Keal) 2014 JULY Mixed Dinghys(Paul Keal) 2014 SB20 NATIONALS FRI (PaulKeal)(
2014 Mirror Southerns Sun (Paul Keal) 2014 July Opi sat 19th (Paul Keal) 2014 Laser July 19  (Paul Keal) 2014 Mirror Southerns Sat (Paul Keal)
2014 Sail for Gold Event (Paul Keal) 2014 Optimist BBQ (Paul Keal) 2014 Opi June Sat League  2(Paul Keal) 2014 Mid Summer Cruisers (Paul Keal)
2014 Mid Summer Whitesail (Paul Keal) ISAF Womens Match Racing 1(Paul Keal) ISAF Womens Match Racing 2 (Paul Keal) ISA 420's Coaching (Paul Keal)
Optimist June Sat League 1 (Paul Keal) Mixed Dinghies June League (Paul Keal) Optimist May Prize Giving(Paul Keal) Optimist June League 2014 (Paul Keal)
Nick Walsh, Irish Masters Laser Champion 2014(Paul Keal) 2014 Cruisers May (Paul Keal) 2014 O'Keeffe Family Opi beginner FAM(Paul Keal) 2014 Optimist  April League (Paul Keal)
2014 Optimist trials team(Paul Keal) 2014 Opi Paddy WKE Sun(Paul Keal) 2014 Lazer Paddy WKE ISA (Paul Keal) 2014 420's Paddy WKE (Paul Keal)
2014 Optimist Coaching 15 March (Deirdre Horgan) 2013 Topper Munsters RCYC (Paul Keal) At Home Sunday CRUISERS (Paul Keal) At Home Sunday Optimists (Paul Keal)
At Home Regatta Jumping (Paul Keal) At Home sunday Mixed Dinghies (Paul Keal) At Home regatta saturday (Paul Keal) Opitimist Aug Prize Giving
Laser Nationals Day 4 (1) (Paulkeal) Laser Nationals Day 4 (2) (Paul Keal) Laser Nationals Day 4 (3) (PaulKeal) Laser Nationals Prize Giving
LASER Nationals Day1+2 (Paul Keal) 2013 420 Nationals Prize Giving (Paul Keal) 2013 420 Nationals SUN (Paul Keal) 2013 420 Nationals SAT (Paul Keal)
AUG Cruisers+Monaco sailors racing Admirals boat (Paul Keal) Optimist/laser Aug League + Monaco Sailors(Paul Keal) RCYC/IRL Sailors Optimist  British Nationals(Paul Keal) RCYC LASERS Tue July (Paul Keal)
RCYC Opi TIN sailors (paul Keal) RCYC Opi sat league July (Paul Keal) RCYC Cruisers Thu July (Paul Keal) RCYC opi tue july (Paul Keal)
Junior Sailing Courses by Emma Hett and Instructors Thursday Night League Race 11th July 2013 Optimist July Saturday League Racing (Deirdre Horgan) 2013 RCYC Apr+May+Teams OPI (Paul Keal)
RCYC DOUNUT Paul Keal) RCYC OPI TEAM RACING 1 (Paul Keal) 1 1 2013 RCYC OPI BEACH BBQ (Paul Keal) Short Handed Race JUNE (Paul Keal)
N18,s JUNE FRIDAY (Paul Keal) WHITE SAIL May (Paul Keal) May League cruisers 3 (paulkeal) May League Cruisers 2(Paul Keal)
May League Cruisers 1 (Paul Keal) REAR ADMIRALS OPI BEGINNERS(Paul Keal)2013 OPTIMIST APRIL LEAGUE 2 (Paul Keal)2013 WHITE SAIL APRIL LEAGUE (Paul Keal)2013
Coast guard Opening (Paul Keal) Racing - 6 April 2013 (Deirdre Horgan) RICK TOMLINSON WORKSHOP (Paul Keal)2013 OPTIMIST LEAGUE APRIL (Paul Keal)2013
2013 RCYC Trials Team (OPTIMISTS)(Paul Keal)2013 RCYC Santa 2012 Dinghies Prize Giving 2012 LASER END OF SEASON (Paul Keal)
OPTIMIST MUNSTERS SUNDAY (Paul Keal Images) 470 Nationals+420 Munsters (Paul Keal Images) OPTIMIST MUNSTERS SATURDAY (Paul Keal Images) RCYC Dinghies Sept (Paul Keal Images)
RCYC Cruisers Sept (Paul Keal Images) RCYC Dinghies Aug (Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek WED Class WS(Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek WED Class 3+4(Paul Keal Images)
2012 CorkWeek WED Class 2(Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek WED Class 1720(Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek WED Class 1(Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek WED Class 0(Paul Keal Images)
2012 CorkWeek TUE Class 2(Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek TUE Class ws(Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek TUE Class 4(Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek TUE Class 3(Paul Keal Images)
2012 CorkWeek MON Class 0(Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek MON Class 1(Paul Keal Images) 2012 CorkWeek MON Class1720(Paul Keal Images) 2012 JUNE OPI TEAM RACING ( Keal
2012 JUNE TOPPER OPEN DAY ( Keal 2012 June 1720 NATIONALS SAT ( Keal 2012 June 1720 NATIONALS FRI ( Keal 2012 JUNE TUESDAY DINGHIES ( Keal
2012 N18 May 3rd race ( 2012 May Cruisers Thurs 2 ( 2012 May Cove SC Titanic ( 2012 May Laser + Feva(
2012 May Optimists ( 2012 May Cruisers Thurs 1( 2012 1720's May ( 2012 N18 May League (
2012 White Sail May League ( 2012 N18 First race of season ( 2012 April Optimists BRONZE ( 2012 Optimists Paddys Wknd(Northsails)(
2012 OPI Winter Training (RCYC)( 2012 Titanic Memorial Night( 2011 SANTA AT THE RCYC 2011 1720 Nationals lost shots ! (
2011 rcyc final race of season ( 2011 OPTIMIST Prize Giving 2011 OCTOBER LEAGUE Day 5 2011 OPTIMIST COBBLER LEAGUE 2
2011 OCTOBER LEAGUE Day 1 2011 N18 Nationals DAY 2 2011 N18 Nationals DAY 1 2011 DINGHIES SEPTEMBER
2011 RCYC AT HOME 2011 DINGHIES AUGUST RCYC SAILORS at the Optimist nationals 2011 2011 RS FEVA NATIONALS Day3
420 Munsters, 2011 2011 N18's MAY 2011 Cruisers May League 2(Paul Keal) 2011 Opi + Lazer May League1(Paul Keal)
2011 Cruisers + White May League(Paul Keal) 2011 Opi April league 3(Paul Keal) 2011 White Sail April League(Paul Keal) 2011 Opi April league 2(Paul Keal)
2011 OPI April league 1(Paul Keal) 2011 OPTIMIST BEGINNERS 1(Paul Keal) 2010 RCYC Santa 2010 OPI+FEVA PRIZE GIVING
2010 O'Flynn Exhams AUTUMN LEAGUE Day5(Paul Keal) 2010 COBBLER LEAGUE PRIZE GIVING 2010 O'Flynn Exhams AUTUMN LEAGUE DAY 4(Paul Keal) 2010 O'Flynn Exhams AUTUMN LEAGUE Day3(Paul Keal)
2010 O'Flynn Exhams AUTUMN LEAGUE   Day 2(PaulKeal) 2010 O'Flynn Exhams AUTUMN LEAGUE Day1(Paul Keal) 2010 ISA HELM CHAMPS Final    (Paul Keal) 2010 ISA HELM CHAMPS Flight 3 (Paul Keal)
2010 SCORA CHAMPS(Paul Keal) 2010 ISA HELM CHAMPS JUNIOR(PaulKeal) 2010 ISA HELM CHAMPS Flight 2 (Paul Keal) 2010 ISA HELM CHAMPS Flight 1(Paul Keal)
Naval Race and Ringabella weekend 2010 1720 Nationals Baltimore(Paul Keal) Optimist Aug+Sept (Paul Keal) Optimist Burns Trophy Day 1 2010
2010 At Home Regatta (Paul Keal) Whitesail League AUG (Paul Keal) Cruisers AUG league(Paul Keal) RCYC/IRL COMMODORE'S CUP WINNING TEAM 2010
Oppie Nationals Honours 2010 (P Tingle) White Sail Photos 2010 French Challenge Classique (Paul Keal) 2010 Sailing courses(Paul Keal)
2010 Schull Night Race(Paul Keal) 2010 Cruisers July League(Paul Keal) 2010 Opi July league(Paul Keal) CORK WEEK 2010 (Paul Keal)
Royal Cork Optimists Lead the Clipper! 2010 Optimists July(Paul Keal) Feva Munsters 2010 - Paul Tingle 2010 N18 Nationals sun(Paul Keal)
2010 N18 Nationals sat(Paul Keal) Optimist Beginners April 2010 2010 Cruisers June League(Paul Keal) 2010 Whitesail League June(Paul Keal)
2010 N18+Multihulls June)Paul Keal) First Opi june League 2010(Paul Keal) Last May League Race 2010 (Paul Keal) Munster Optimist Championships (Deirdre Horgan)
Optimist Munsters 2010 Main Fleet Prize Winners (DOK) Optimist Munsters 2010 (DOK) Optimist Munsters 2010(Paul Keal) ICRA Cork-Dublin Feeder 2010(Paul Keal)
Whitesail friday 14.5.2010(Paul Keal) Mc William Series 13th May 2010 (Paul Keal) Motor Cruise in Company - May 2010 Club Evening Racing starts (Paul Keal)
White Sail April League 2010(Paul Keal) Opi+ Feva April 2010 (Paul Keal) Multihull southerns 2010 (Paul Keal) Mixed Dinghies April 2010 (Paul Keal)
Santa's visit. Junior Laying Up Supper CH MARINE WINTER LEAGUE RACE 2   (Paul Keal) LAZER FROSTBITE LEAGUE+DINGHIES(Paul Keal
CH MARINE WINTER LEAGUE (Paul Keal) HEINEKEN SUPER LEAGUE PRIZE GIVING (Paul Keal) O'Flynn Exhams Oct League Day5 R9+10 (Paul Keal) October League Week 5 - Paul Tingle
October League Paul Tingle O'Flynn Exhams Oct League Day4 R7+8(Paul Keal) O'Flynn Exhams Oct League Day3 R5+6 (Paul Keal) O'Flynn Exhams Oct League Day2 R3+4 (Paul Keal)
O'Flynn Exhams Oct League Day1 R1+2(Paul Keal) ISA SENIOR HELM FINAL(Paul Keal) ISA JUNIOR HELM FINAL(Paul Keal) ISA CHAMPIONSHIPS Day2(Paul Keal)
RCYC NAVAL RACE(Paul Keal) Naval Race J80s Naval Race 2009 Last Thursday Night Race of 2009
Curradinghy 420 Nationals 2009 hosted by the RCYC Optimists Sept 6th Feva Munsters 2009(Paul Keal) 420 Nationals 2009(Paul Keal)
J80 Champ o Champs 2009(Paul Keal) Adult taste of sailing(Paul Keal) At home Regatta 2009(Paul Keal) Class2+3 Aug(Paul Keal)
Class1 Aug(Paul Keal) N18+Mulltihuls Aug(Paul Keal) Opi Fun Camp 2009(Paul Keal) Celebrating the success of Peter and Cian
J80 2009(Paul Keal) Cruisers August(Paul keal) Mixed Dinghies August(Paul Keal) Cruisers July+Aug (Paul Keal)
Opi+Feva July+Aug (Paul Keal) White Sail July (Paul Keal) Taste of Sailing Course (D Horgan) Optimist Class Sat Morning Beginners
N18 Southern Nationals (Paul Keal) opi sat league june(Paul Keal) Union chandlery May(Paul Keal) opi tuesday june league(Paul Keal)
One meter+ New deck(Paul Keal) whitesail may 09(Paul Keal) Cruisers may 09(Paul Keal) One Sails May League (Paul Keal)
HALCYON (Paul Keal) Whitesail May League (Paul Keal) Cruisers May (Paul Keal) Opi Beginners April (Paul Keal)
Whitesail April League (Paul Keal) Optimist Trials Week 1 - RCYC April 09 Optimist Trials 2009(Paul Keal) Optimist Laying Up Supper 2008
Super league Prize giving(Paul Keal) Jazz Race 2008 (Paul Keal) Final Cobber League Race(Paul Keal) Cobbler League 2008 DAy 1
Cobbler League 2008 Day 4 Cobbler League Prizewinners AUTUMN LEAGUE 2008R3(Paul Keal) AUTUMN LEAGUE 2008R2(Paul Keal)
QEII Final Visit (Images Paul Keal) AUTUMN LEAGUE 2008R1(Paul Keal) Nat18 Championships(Images Paul Keal) Return to Ringabella 2008
Final midweek Race(Images Paul Keal) Irish Multihull Nationals 2008 (Images Paul Keal) Burns Trophy A Final Thurs 2008(Images Paul Keal)
At Home Dinghies At Home Fevas At Home Mixed Dinghies At Home Oppies
Cork One Design (Images:Paul Keal) Naval Race 08 (Images: Paul Keal) Aug/Sep league(Images: Paul Keal) AT HOME 08 sun (Images: Paul Keal)
AT HOME 08 sat (Images:Paul Keal) Celebrating the Optimist Champions with the Admiral (Photos: Darren O'Keeffe) Optimist Nationals 2008 (Photos: Gabrielle Morehead) Action from the Optimist Nationals in Fenit (Photo's Darren O'Keeffe)
Optimist Worlds 2008 Olympic Night(Dinghies)(Images:Paul Keal) Olympic Night(STAR)(Images:Paul Keal) ACC CW Super 0(Images:Paul Keal)
Optimist's July(Images:Paul Keal) R3 thurs July(Images:Paul Keal) ACC CW IRC3(Images:Paul Keal) ACC CW1720+x332(Images:Paul Keal)
ACC.CW Misc(Images:Paul Keal) CORKWEEK Practice(Images:Paul Keal) Race 2 July(Images:Paul Keal) N18 July (Images:Paul Keal)
clipper07/08 start(Images:Paul Keal) Race1 July(Paul Keal) Miss Betty & Fernando Brian Trevor's Tin Fleet
Thursday Nights June (Paul Keal) Currabinny Cup 420 First Clipper Home(Paul Keal) June Trophy Race(Paul Keal)
Mid Summer Night(Paul Keal) Champion Of Champions (Paul Keal) Oppi Begginers+Coach (Paul Keal) J80's Teams+Faces (Paul Keal)
Round The Island 2008 (Darren O'Keeffe) National 18's June (Paul Keal) Whitesail League June(Paul Keal) RS FEVA Munsters(Paul Keal)
Union chandlery May League (Paul Keal) Multihulls June (Paul Keal) Mixed Dinghies June(Paul Keal) Optimist aprilmay Final Race (Paul Keal)
May Trophy Race(Paul Keal) Crosshaven Schools Open Day 06.06.08 Connacht's 2008 Admiral's Cup 1975
2008 WHITE SAIL LEAGUE (PAUL KEAL) Optimist Coaching 26-27 Jan 2008 Santa arrives at the Royal Cork MATTHEWS WINTER LEAGUE 2007 (PAUL KEAL)
LAZER FROSTBITE LEAGUE 2007(PAUL KEAL) SB3 WINTER SERIES 2007     (PAUL KEAL) Mirror Nationals 1977 Coveney Cup Pictures by Gabrielle Morehead
Cobbler League Last Day and Prizegiving by Gabrielle Morehead Optimist Cobbler League 2007 W3 Gabrielle Morehead Optimist Ringabella Fun Day September 2007. Joe O'Mahony Optimist Saturday League Racing
Optimist Trial 5th7th May 2007 - Courtesy Gabrielle Morehead Multihull Championships April 2007 Cruise to the City Optimist World & European Team Reps 2008 (Darren O'Keeffe)
Miller League Prize Giving.2007(PAUL KEAL) Creation and Delivery of Our Book .. courtesy of various members Cruising 2004 Courtesy of Brian & Eleanor